Inside the Western bubble

May 14, 2013


Women in the Rwandan parliament -

It’s all very nice in here, isn’t it? We’ve got our democracy, our post-Enlightenment philosophies, and our welfare systems. There are no scary dictators or Communism, and we can all enjoy our superior position by looking down on other nations from the lofty heights of the G7, NATO and the permanent UNSC seats. It doesn’t matter that Japan is in the […]

Opening up UK-Sino relations (sort of)

March 29, 2013


Shanghai University for Finance and Economics -

Things have been fairly quiet on this blog recently, I’m determined to keep it going but have been lagging behind due to uni deadlines and internships that require unpublished writing samples. And (big news here) I’ve also been getting ready to GO TO SHANGHAI!  I have been selected as one of less than 100 students, out […]

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‘Rape Culture’ and everything that is wrong with it

February 4, 2013


Society's measuring stick -

I’ve been feeling like I should think, and write, more about women’s issues. I’ve realised that it’s not enough to show my desire for female equality by dressing and acting however I want, I need to be more involved. So, contrary to the light-hearted Mean Girls quote on the left, I’m taking action and writing about […]

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The rise of #digitaldiplomacy – from

January 18, 2013


Twitter Keyboard -

This article was written by me and originally published in Issue 003 of Boundless Online, a geopolitics and geography magazine by UCL students. Read the magazine and follow them on Twitter! In recent years the growth of the internet, especially with social media, has changed the face of international diplomacy. Power has shifted from the state to […]

The United States, Latin America and Drugs Legalisation

December 29, 2012


Cannabis -

  With landmark legislation, cannabis has been legalised for recreational use in Colorado and Washington. This is no straight-forward repeal and comes with complex consequences, especially where the Mexican drugs cartels are concerned. The United States’ federal law remains the same, and cannabis is also still illegal in Mexico where much of the supply comes […]

My biggest influences

December 3, 2012


Machiavelli - York University

Firstly I must apologise for my exceptionally long absence. I spent the whole summer in France, mostly without the internet and kicked my addiction to the web and to caffeine. No coffee or Twitter, shocking. It was hard work at times, and I did eventually get a bit homesick, but so much fun. All I want […]


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